Theegan Cavalry
RegionHigh Wood Country, Northern Hordelands
MapArnandab Plain

Arnandab is a large grassy plain stretching north to south across sectors Taurelin and Skycius. It gradually slopes upward from Yadyast to the tangled and reaching Tendril edge of Taurquion. It is bordered to the west by the river Tunzâr and east by the unforgiving wastes of Yagolorn.

The Arnandab plain is claimed by the Witch Horde. They are continuously at war with nature in the north where the uplands meet the Tendrils. They use fire and magic to impede the growth of a forest believed to be a weapon of the Angrod, a prelude to annexing their lands.

Arnandab is seasonally the pasture of tens of thousands of wild horses. They come here in the spring and summer and move southeast into Tadab-Hal in cooler periods. The horses, along with many other herd animals are a source of domestication for the Theegans and food for gnolls and other predators of the Northern Hordelands.

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