Book of Orinite

AuthorPrime Architect
LocationMagis Institute

The Book of Orinite in an ancient tome, penned some time in the Dawn Era by a primordial simply known as the Prime Architect. How it ended up on Os√Ęchar and in the hands of the Old Ones has yet to be learned. They used the book to build their greatest monuments and structures. This was done with legions of golems that Durkoth spies claimed were practically unguided. The awe-inspiring holdings of the Old Ones was one thing that garnered the envy of the Durkoth and the subsequent wars between the two peoples.

Early in the Horgon Era, the Book of Orinite was plundered from a sunken city of the Old Ones. It remained in the Nemerion family for hundreds of years before it could be properly deciphered. This was because it was not written in the language of the Old Ones but in a primordial cipher designed by the book's author. It was not put to use till well after the Durkoth departure from Os√Ęchar.

On Bal-Kriav, during the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), Rereth Nemerion absconded with the book and went off to the fetid wetlands of Ilorath. Here he used the book to create true golems and the realm's first half-golems. The golems created from the Book of Orinite were used to defend Rereth from vengeful spirits (a byproduct of his half-golem experiments) and create the sixteen rings of fortifications that make-up the ruin Urgalroth.

When the night hag Thryunkian took claim of Urgalroth, the Book of Orinite was found in the squalid den of a troll. The troll gave up the book after being pummeled into submission and then went on to faithfully serve his new master. Thryunkian never made use of it since she lacked the knowledge to crack the book's cipher. During a war with the Orchish Empire, her treasury dropped so slow that she sent out agents to find buyers of the book. The book was sold through a third party and ended up in the libraries of the Magis Insitute. It sold for an undisclosed amount, yet enough to buy peace with the Orchish Empire.

The number of golems defending Magis Insitute and those that battled at Golem Pass are undoubtedly the result of the book's use by those at the Magis Insitute.

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