TypeChaos Archon (Earth)

Blutoids are a specific group of earth archons brought to Bal-Kriav when Mughakh-Gol was ripped from the the great primordial depot of Saelmgar.

Blutoids are distinguishable from other earth archons by their blutium chips. A few have bodies composed entirely of this metal. For both, this blutium enhances their natural armor class by six and strength by ten. Boons for them, it also makes them a target for those desiring this very valuable metal.

Blutoids are always chaotic neutral. A forced change of this will in a matter of weeks totally break down their energy composition, resulting in death.

Racial Traits
Blutium Chips additional +6 to natural armor class, additional +10 to strength
Racial as Earth Archon
Alignment Bound Chaotic Neutral
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Common Homelands