Flays Flesh Golem Army

Flay Flesh Golem - Goremaker
CategoryCrack Units
HeadquartersTorazan Sanctum
Flesh Golem100%

Flays Flesh Golem Army is a military unit comprised of flesh golems built by the Mad Wizard Flay. His research on golem manufacture at Magis Institute and witnessing the vast numbers of golems at this same were the genesis for his army.

In 1832, Trauma Squad raided Torazam Sanctum. In this place they found a vast multi-tiered chamber housing 550 flesh golems. On a later expedition to the place, they found a chamber with a towering lightning rod that can be raised up through the hill above the labyrinth. This lightning rod, or hundreds of casts of lightning bolts, is used to collect the electricity needed to power-up Flays Flesh Golem Army.

This chamber is massive, our footfalls echo in the distance. A low light radiates downward from a domed ceiling, probably 100' higher than the balcony. The area is shadowy but visibility is good. But it is not the light but the smell of the place that make us cautious. The smell of freshly dug earth and dead flesh is very strong. A forty foot wide balcony surrounds a deep pit, with many staircases descending to lower balconies every thirty feet. There are five balconies below us which we hesitantly decided to descend and investigate. We come upon humanoids, hundreds of them lined up on the 15' wide balconies encircling the pit. Now, we know what the Mad Wizard Flay was doing with all that skins he collected. He built an army of flesh golems. These though, are not normal flesh golems made from bodies. They seem to be some sort of humanoid with skin sewn to their bodies. They also all show some resemblance to the perceived notion of what Gruumsh looks like. Some of the flesh golems are outfitted with a tower shield as an arm and some have blade and mace-like appendages, and a very small percentage have tubes as arms and some sort of back harness holding orbs. In these orbs, electricity crackles and arcs. I ascertain that we have a golem army composed of three types of units - soldiers, defenders, and healers.

- Kavdas, excerpt from the "Annals of Trauama Squad"

Flays Flesh Golem Army is comprised of three different classes of flesh golems:

protector100defense - tower shields provide cover to two other golems within 5', combat
medic50healing - discharge 2HD lightning bolt every round into a flesh golem within 50'