Granitoid Spill

Mud Flats

The Granitoid Spill is a churned up wasteland of broken rock, mud flats, and dirt. It covers a huge area, a Brownland fed by three towering obelisks called the Earth Callers. These devices draw in rivers of earthen matter from the distant world Granitoid, continuously adding it to the ever-expanding Brownlands.

Rilirthad maintains a huge labor force in this area. They are always working to keep grasses, plants, and trees from taking root. The soil is very rich in some areas, so much that the druids of the Greenland Alliance have an easy time with their plant growth spells, pushing back the Brownlands and creating areas of great conflict between the two sides.

For more than a century, the dark mud flats of this vast area have been expanding in all directions. There are many trying to stop this. The creation of the Eye of Poseidon has stopped some of the western expansion. The opening of the Waterhaven Channel has slowed the area's southern and eastern expansion.

In addition to those in service to Rilirthad, Granitoid Spill is the abode of all manner of free Earthen; Rilirthad classifies them as "rogue". They are those that refuse to answer to anyone, or that escaped capture when they came through the Earth Callers or the Togomud Sink.

On the edges of the Granitoid Spill are wide mud flats. This area on the fringes of the browning lands, is the home of thousands of mudmen. Rebellious in the Creation War, of no use to the Primordial Lords, they were left to go about their business, only used in great numbers when they wanted to terraform the land around with their bodies.

So listen up, listen carefully, whenever possible, bypass them, they are helping us in this good fight.

- Alpring, treant hierophant, 3rd Landscaper to Lokestant - "Mudmen Friends"