Trident Reefs

LocationPearl Sea
MapTrident Reefs

The Trident Reefs are sited along the western coasts of the Lands of Purity. For ages, these reefs have served as a formidable natural barrier for the regions southwestern coasts. In the Second Epoch, they were uncharted by the Tragarans that came in this direction from the Great Exodus (998 - 1017). A few Niratar refugees ships were lost while trying to find a way through the reefs to make much-needed landfall. After these tragedies, the refugee ships, were steered further west outside of half-ring of treacherous reefs that have come to be known as the Trident Reefs.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the Trident Reef and the Titans Triangle fortifications greatly delayed the capture of Milithian. Today, Titans Triangle is owned by Malacost where it continues to protect the sea entrances to her capital city.

The Trident Reefs form a 800 mile half-circle covering a greater part of Adellum's coast. Due to the dangerous of the area, passage through them is often done by local pilots. Without a pilot, it requires expert level navigation to make it safely through the reefs; with a channel map improving these odds by about 25%.

Notable Areas