K r e p h u s

purple worm - progeny of Krephus
Typeprimordial purple worm

Krephus was a colossal primordial purple worm. She was a progeny of Hon'palos. Her maker sought to use Krephus's offspring as living war chariots and siege engines in the Morte'lumin War. As a result, Krephus looked for escape. She found this when she came upon a rupture in the fabric of the Web. A pregnant and near-spawning Krephus dug into this anomaly. She escaped the Step of Foundation, went through the Web of Magic and ended up on Bal-Kriav. On this world in the region of Zythess she began to dig into the ground, leaving a massive bore hole, creating a desert, and making a passage in the Underdark that spans continents and oceans. The bore hole is Krephus Sink and itself a marvel of size at its point of descent from the surface and in its distance it covers under Bal-Kriav.

Krephus's end came on the world of Bal-Kriav. It is thought she died of exhaustion while spreading her purple worms across this world's subterranean reaches; all in the hopes that Hon'palos could never collect them all. When she died, her body began to harden. This came from a spell put on her by Hon'palos. The intent of this spell was to preserve her in death so that he could resurrect her once found. Hon'palos never recovered the body since even if he could get to Bal-Kriav, he would probably not be able to haul her out or convince her to return with him. The body of Krephus turned into an elemental stone with the hardness of a diamond. The area of her body, 900' in length and 60' in diameter is the end of a tunnel called the Krephus Passage. Many who pass through the last 900' of this tunnel have no notion that they are passing through the petrified remains of a primordial purple worm.