Vogelak is a massive cavern complex of Badmaer's Gullvar sector. It is the birthplace of Deep Gnome civilization.

In the God Era, the Deep Gnomes came to this area. Their journey was a long one, beginning in the surface region Zythess, they went down into Krephus Sink, then along passages burrowed in the Creation War by a primordial worm named Krephus. Pursued into the Underdark by Jurusalax's forces, they fled to the Earth Seam. Along the banks of this river of elemental earth, they boarded barges for distant lands. After passing through the Baruk-Agan portal, they found themselves in sector Gullvar, the birthplace of Deep Gnome civilization.

After the Demon Spawn War, and before the rise of Isan-Kun, Vogelak was dotted with city-states that often acted independently even when faced with a common enemy. The major foes of Vogelak were then and still are the frost giants, the Azwyr Amoruk, and the goliath.

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