Burn Wars The Burns

PeriodHorgon Era
TheaterAerie of Dragons

The Burns, or Burn Wars, were conflicts between Bael Turath, Arkhosia and their allies. These conflicts spanned four centuries with periods of uneasy peace between each outbreak. These wars would lead to the ruin of both Bael Turath and Arkhosia.

The Burns
First Burn 1216 HE - 1225 HE
Second Burn 1456 HE - 1474 HE
Third Burn 1504 HE - 1522 HE
Last Burn 1577 HE - 1600 HE
First Burn (1216 HE - 1225 HE)

The First Burn began five years after the founding of Varrogrith. A relic seeking company sponsored by Arkhosia were in Por Trumgol seeking the Tauth'ghourn Hoard. When Bael Turath learned of what they were looking for, they also sent in explorers to find Tauth'ghourn's lost treasure. Bael Turath then began building fortifications near the river Naas Horit - thus laying claim of the all the territory between them and Varrogrith. The First Burn lasted nine years and resulted in the defeat of Bael Turath. There fortifications along the river were leveled with the treaty forbidding anyone from staking claim to land between the river and Tauth'ghourn. The treaty did not stop each state from sponsoring groups to search for Tauth'ghourn Hoard.

Second Burn (1456 HE - 1474 HE)

The Second Burn came about from Bael Turath meddling in the affairs and security of Laat Viidost. This was a multi-racial settlement that was the sole supplier of whale oil to Arkhosia. Whale oil, an aphrodisiac to Muneyd'vith, was an important ingredient in perfumes favored by the Arkhosian upper class. After repeated Bael Turathian raids against the coastal town and threats of annexation, Arkhosia declared war on Bael Turath.

Third Burn (1504 HE - 1522 HE)

Thirty years after the Second Burn, the Third Burn started when Arkhosia sought passage of the wetlands north of Yat├║rz. This area was claimed by Bael Turath, and they intended to stop any trespassing of it. The reason Arkhosia forced passage of Bael Turathian territory was because they were driven by a Dragon Lord seeking to bring down a nation of Tiamat worshipers. This nation was Galirkrad, friend and valuable trading partner of Bael Turath. The Dragon Lord's minions were itching to test their meddle and redeem honor lost in the First and Second Burns. As a result, Bael Turath declared war on Arkhosia. The Dragon Lord Dinok'suf was unable to reach Galirkrad's capital Viing Prolgiid. Galirkrad and Arkhosia joined forces, driving the Arkhosia's forces back across the Naas Horit. The dragon-blooded armies suffered even more, losing Sahqo Nah and Diiv Revakaad. A peace treaty was then signed with Arkhosia giving up all claims east of Lotlom Vund.

Last Burn (1577 HE - 1600 HE)

A little over fifty years following the Third Burn, the last of the wars between Arkhosia and Bael Turath began. This war was all about domination, with Bael Turath seeking to take all the lands of Arkhosia and either drive off its people or bring them on as subjects. Galirkrad was enticed to join as ally with the promise of an end to all worship of Bahamut when Arkhosia fell. In 1600 HE, the Arkhosian capital Gaard Goraag fell to Bael Turath. This brought an end to the Last Burn and the Burn Wars.