Burn Wars The Burns

PeriodHorgon Era
TheaterAerie of Dragons

The Burns, or Burn Wars, were conflicts between the Mir'piamauza Empire, the Zeymah'kein, and their allies.

The Burns
First Burn 1216 HE - 1225 HE
Second Burn 1456 HE - 1474 HE
Third Burn 1504 HE - 1522 HE
Last Burn 1577 HE - 1600 HE
First Burn (1216 HE - 1225 HE)

The First Burn began five years after the founding of Varrogrith. It started with Mir'piamauza building fortifications along the river Naas Horit - laying claim of the all the territory between them and Varrogrith.

Second Burn (1456 HE - 1474 HE)

The Second Burn came about with Mir'piamauza's meddling in the affairs and security of Berrobess. This coastal hold was the sole supplier of whale oil for the entire region. In the lands of the Aerie, and particularly in the Zeymah'kein Empire, this stuff is an aphrodisiac to the Muneyd'vith. Initially sold as part of perfumes to Zeymah'kein's upper class, over five decades, it became a drug. When Mir'piamauza stopped the flow of this whale oil, the Muneyd'vith incited a war to reopen this trade.

Third Burn (1504 HE - 1522 HE)

The Third Burn started when Zeymah'kein sought passage of the wetlands north of a lake called Lokzii Ahraan. Loosely claimed by the Mir'piamauza, they intended to stop the trespassers. The reason Zeymah'kein forced passage of Mir'piamauza territory was because of the crusaders of the Church of Bahamut, and their Dragon Lord, all set on bringing down a nation of Tiamat worshipers. This nation was Galirkrad, friend and valuable trading partner of the Mir'piamauza Empire. As a result of trespassing, and seeing a way to bring Galirkrad over to their side, Mir'piamauza declared war on the Zeymah'kein.

Last Burn (1577 HE - 1600 HE)

A little over fifty years following the Third Burn, the last of the wars between Zeymah'kein and Mir'piamauza began. This war was all about domination, with the Mir'piamauza seeking to take all the lands of the Zeymah'kein and either drive off its people or bring them on as subjects. Galirkrad was enticed to join as ally with the promise of an end to all worship of Bahamut when Zeymah'kein fell. In 1600 HE, the Zeymah'kein capital Gaard Goraag fell to Mir'piamauza, ending the Last Burn.