Voyage of the Trielasog

RegionAerie of Dragons
Period1209 HE

In 1209 HE, the Mir'piamauza Empire (526 HE - 1612 HE) sent out an exploratory ship named the Trielasog. They were given a daring task, one that if they succeeded would earn their freedom and be forgiven their crimes and debts to people and empire; ultimately the state would eat the cost. Aboard the Trielasog went skilled sailors from across the empire's jails and coastal labor camps. The only to board the ship with no criminal intent was a Gradorian captain looking to make a name for himself. From Tyk-Culten, the Trielasog's home port, they sailed into a strange whirlpool the dragon's named Lokzii Ven. Safely passing through this wonder, the Trielasog was taken along a strange sea, what in the first recorded age was simply known as the Sea Tunnel, a Covenant controlled supply line for defending the Brucrumus continent and the seas around.

Taken along the Sea Tunnel, the Trielasog traveled 900 miles in but an hour. Approaching a mammoth column of water, rising upwards, the Trielasog came to a stop. Later blamed on a sailor's using a gaff hook to test the anomaly, the Trielasog found itself pulled in, then taken upwards. The ship's captain, destined to become a national hero and very wealth, modestly said there was no turbulence, and deck crew only lightly wet from spray and mist.

The journey along the column of water ended with the Trielasog floating on a lake. On its southern shores, they planted Mir'piamauza's flag of Nine Rings, founding the settlement of Varrogrith; and setting the stage for conflict with the Zeymah'kein.

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