The Khâl-Rakhs are hills wrapping around Kilth's western flanks then arcing across upper Anutoth, finally ending four hundred miles later at Kraaroz bay.

In 1140, ten years after the Irastâ disappeared into the Broken Lands, reports began coming in of blackened elderaunts attacking Salandirik farms and frontier outposts. These attacks grew each passing year, along the way the people learning from trade ships what had befallen the Irastâ. This tribe had once governed Salandirik, but after being driven out, they wandered, then fell to Abyssal influences, becoming Maleraunts. Nearly 500 of them returned to the Khâl-Rakhs, the rest went into the Kilth mountains or joined up with Ba'lith. Their numbers grew, with those hiding out in the Khâl-Rakhs becoming a hindrance to Ivory Asylum's colonial plans.

In 1467, the nearby port city Salandirik fell to Black Tide forces. Much of the living element that came to populate this undead haven, were the maleraunts of the Khâl-Rakhs. They would remain until the next overlords came in the Burterinii-Bloodtusk War (1795 - 1800). Once again, they were driven into the hills. Fortunately for those living in this hills, maleraunts are only a problem east of Salandirik.

Their towers and strongholds get more sophisticated and bigger the further one travels upland into the ridges of Kilth. They have a ton of resources, and gold coming up from Felak's forgotten holds.

- Lunazan, governor of Salandirik - "Khâl-Rakhs Situation Report"