Sosin Luv Witch Tear

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasWitch Tear
MapHiznaar Goz

Sosin Luv is a very deep lake of Hiznaar Goz. Its northern side forms a barrier against the encroaching sands of what the giants of the Dawn Era named Stafknir Hrerbjof. In the waning years of the God Era, the Covenant put a measure in place to slow the desert's advance. They created a intra-planar rift, drawing a small portion of the Radullu Creep thousands of miles to the west. At the lake's bottom is the exit point of this rift.

Sosin Luv is home to scrags, "super otters", huge fish, and other dangerous lake creatures. On the lake's shores are many fishing villages, towns, and fortresses. The lake's eastern side is territory of Ag Envok, while the opposite is claimed by Lahvirn Piiv. Long time foes, they frequently clash, and when not openly fighting, they sponsor pirates and raids on each other.

The northeastern edge of this lake borders the dark forest Maar Gosvah. This area is always covered in what is called the Witches Breath. It conceals the craggy isles of pirates, fog giants, and other raiders; tacitly backed by the Decay Conclave.