Beim Lom

RegionAerie of Dragons
MapBein Lom River

Bein Lom, Draconic for Foul Water, was named for its lower half in Krein Jusk where it picks up the dark waters of Tauth'ghourn.

In many parts a wide gentle river, the Bein Lom stretches from the lake Sosin Luv in the northwest for five hundred miles to the Sea of Mourning in the southeast. Many have tried to build settlements in the area, the Zeymah'kein, Mir'piamauza and many others without success. The problem in the water are "super otters", dragon-like serpents, huge predatory fish, and the occasional dragon. Of the later, black dragons are the most common, especially where the wetlands merge with the river. One legend of the river says it was stocked by the gods. The toughest of fish and river creatures, found across a selection of a hundred worlds, were brought here to protect the great maw at the bottom of lake Sosin Luv.