Amoral - Mirtheon

Amoral is a rocky plateau at the northern tip of Bileddanul. It has an elevation around 8000'. Just north of the plateau is lake Boraresh. The most awe-inspiring feature of the area is the Spire of Krak-Oth. Around this looming structure is the citadel Gháshulg, capital of the Orchish Empire.

The top of the plateau can be reached by roads cut into the cliffs or by using elevators that descend into Amoral. These elevator shafts were made long ago to mine iron and silver. When these mines were expended and the city grew, the elevators were turned into a means of transportation to and from Gháshulg. Another way of reaching the plateau is by way of the dwarven tunnels. These tunnels were made long ago by the Gimhak. Back then, they were used to assault Gháshulg. When Gimhak was wiped out by the Orchish Empire, the tunnels were left to the beasts and monsters of Bileddanul.