Typesledge hammer
ForgeJofgried Titan Forge (c.f. Jofgried)

The Hammer of Bone Pounder is a +4 sledge hammer. It is a massive over-sized two-handed weapon. It has a mithril haft joined to a hammer head crafted of bone. The bone is reinforced with a mithril core. The bone comes from the knee caps of a legendary Jara Khan named Bone Pounder.

The weapon was made by a Bloodbeard smith named Kûnar. Bloodbeards plundered the barrow of this jara and made off with much loot and some of his bones. Dwarven priests enchanted the weapon and gave it to a dwarven general named Akropholous. This general wielded the weapon for 10 seasons before he fell while attacking Fort Hellstorm. The general of Fort Hellstorm, a war troll named Ribsplitter, owned the weapon for 3 seasons. He too fell with it in bloodied hands at the Battle of Fort Hellstorm. In this battle, the weapon came into the possession of a Deep Six soldier named Fyresyster.

Bards claim that this weapon is cursed with the spirit of Bone Pounder. They say that any who wield the weapon will become just another tombstone of Bone Pounder.

Jara Swiftness acts as a speed weaponcontinuous
Khan's Blow acts as a sharpness weapon, with broken limbs or crushed skull rather than severingcontinuous
Titan Craft because it enchanted at the Jofgried Titan Forge, it functions as one weapon size larger for damagecontinuous
Barrow Making a creature killed will become covered with a mound of dirt. The mound will vary in size based on the slain creature's size. This earth is summoned from Granitoid. There is a 1% chance per level of the creature slain, that a large earth elemental will rise from the mound and serve the wielder for one day. The wielder can dismiss the creature at any time.continuous