Swarm Depopulater
RegionGulimbor, Hive
MapGwaelergoth Jungle

In 255 LE, Khazarkars living in Otriring's artificial environment were driven to the surface. They found themselves in the Hive region, a land dominated by often ravenous insects. Migrating north, they battled swarms of insects for nearly a hundred miles. They reached relative safety when they entered a deep rainy jungle. In the Gwaelergoth Jungle, hundreds were lost to disease, but nothing like the thousands lost in Hive's southern barrens.

The khazarkars built up their defenses in Gwaelergoth, turning it into a defensive zone, their southern border. The area was put under the care and protection of druids that had once tended Otriring's fields and fungals. Over time, these druids became more reclusive, often blaming explorers and seekers of Auhtai ruins for stirring up the bugs, triggering their transformation into deadly Hive Swarms. From these druids, the Gwaelergoth Circle was established to guard against these terrifying swarms. Eventully the Gwaelergoth Circle became an independent force of the region, neutral to the growing conflicts between the Tragarans and the Khazarkars. In the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), they allowed passage through the jungle to the coasts but allowed no permanent refuge.

Gwaelergoth is on the northeastern coasts of Zaramil and the southern extreme of Marninnoth. Over thousands of years, the forest has been carefully shaped to be a veritable maze. Across Gwaelergoth are centers of power at six locations with each an area of concentrated Nature Energy. All of these were devised by the Gwaelergoth Circle to combat the things coming out of the Hive region and to defend against any who seek to stop them in their task of keeping Gulimbor from being overrun by Hive Swarms. The Gwaelergoth Circle created new fey creatures from its circles of nature energy. The most notable and populous of these are the Thorn. Numbering in the thousands, they serve as the druid's main melee force.