Crulock Globes

Crulock Globe
Typemagical globes

Crulock Globes are gelatinous globules of Nature Energy. They were created by the primordial lord Mephirouth solely for the purpose of accelerating the fungi growth around Crulock. The energy of one of these globes covers a 100' diameter, providing sustenance to plant-life and plant-based creatures. Plants in the area of a Crulock Globe grow five times faster, two to four times larger, and provide three times the bounty of any fruit, toxin, or substance they produce. Handling a Crulock Globe is dangerous to any creature but the myconids. This is because Mephirouth made these globes as vessels of disease. Fortunately, for those in the vicinity of them, only touching them exposes one to a virulent disease that can wipe out a community in weeks.

Late in the God Era, myconids collected hundreds of Crulock Globes from the Crulock ruins. Up until that time, no other creature had survived exploration of the disease infested ruin. They carried them to Wyzbrack and over a few decades turned a dark and barren swamp into an oasis of life. The myconid population rapidly expanded under an umbrella of nature energy. This ended with the arrival of the kuo-toa who wiped them out, yet they did not touch the Crulock Globes. It is said that priests of Blibdoolpoolp warned them of agonizing deaths to any that touch Mephirouth's creations. A few fools touched them, resulting in death by diseases that each time were different and nearly impossible to cure.

Patient 1 is drying out. There can be no other fate worse for a kuo-toa. Copius amounts of water and even submersion do not help. Two attendants have also contracted Mephirouth Touch and are only a week behind Patient 1. They are to be netted down in the marsh and left to perish by disease or any predator foolish enough to make meal of them.

- Gragadpon, kuo-toa medic of Dilkuglapgon - "Mephirouth Touch"