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Baruk-Felag is an entry portal of the Earth Seam. It is one of many such conduits that take travelers to various Underdark regions of Bal-Kriav. This journey also takes them through Chaos. Passing into Baruk-Felag takes you on an 1800 mile journey along a section of the Earth Seam that flows through Chaos. This would seem like a lengthy journey, yet passage of it is rather quick. At the end of this part in Chaos, the river of elemental mud and rock reappears back on Bal-Kriav at the exit portal Baruk-Nur. The journey from Baruk-Felag to Baruk-Nur is random in length, taking from as little as 6 hours to a record 6 week journey by the seam barge Gulakthûr out of Dushinbal.

Rather than perish of starvation, some of the crew abandoned ship seeking refuge on the bleak shores of Chaos - never to be seen again. The few that turned to cannibalism for survival were summarily hanged. Many died of starvation. One or two in desperation prayed to whatever great powers live in Chaos, though most beseech-ed our great master Baalzebul. These latter gained nothing with Baalzebul not caring or unable to hear the pleas of supplicants that in desperation found religion. Those that called out to Elemental powers were in a way saved. They were infused with a bit of elemental matter that strengthened their body for the hostile environment and then gave up life energy for necromantic energy. This transferal kept the psyche intact in what was now a necromental and most importantly gave the supplicants what they wanted - the means to survive.

- Captain Tharam, Gulakthûr ship log - "Prayers Twisted"