Rukhs is a desert of Narbuzad. It is bordered by mountains to the north and to the west. These lofty mountains serve as walls, blocking the currents and their life-giving moisture. Many think that this desert is here because of this, yet the Nature Protectorate Dalak-Ramal has said that the soil here is otherworldly.

Rukhs is a spoiled land, polluted with the lifeless dirt from Ingu'lumin's failed experiment. It has never been given life and only after dozens of millennia will it ever be able to sustain a sprout.

- Dalak-Ramal, Nature Protectorate of Clans, excerpt from a speech at the Glade Summit - "Dead Soil"

Rukhs became a desert wasteland in the Demon Spawn War. This happened when the disembodied thinker Ingu'lumin opened a rift between Bal-Kriav and Chaos. A nameless mountain, later to be named Gunul-Birum, came through Ingu'lumin's First Rift. When it erupted, it spewed ash and molten rock in the area around, defiling the native soil and stripping it of life. It was made worse with the opening of Ingu'lumin's Second Rift.

Thousands of years have passed since the creation of Zurukthûr and the collapsing of Gunul-Birum, yet nothing grows there.

- Amuzindalig, history professor of Lokumord - "Dead Lands"

Today, this desert wasteland is avoided by the living; with immediate realization their life energy is ebbing away. Any living creature passing into this desert will become exhausted at three times the normal rate and if they grow to such a state that they cannot move, they will eventually die and wither away rather quickly; some have reported giant beetles becoming husks in a matter of hours and then blown away like tumbleweed.

When the Mîmêk lived at Tarband-Khâl, they built tunnels under the desert. These started in the hills between the southern part of Rukhs and the lake Felak-Nazar. The dwarves then mined the riches of Zurukthûr and built roads all the way down to the bottom. These tunnels became their salvation in the Maziggandîm Conflict. Today, they are partially flooded and serve as the abode of the Viidostor.

The dirt and rock of the Rukhs is red and black. It has been used as a component for making items dealing in defiling magic. Quite rare and hard to find, the desert also has hunks of ore that have a red and black striated color. This metal is Vumort and particularly useful for imbuing magical items with the properties of chaos.

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