Created17 Lunar 9101 GE

Bordered by mountains to the north and west, the desert wastes of the Rukhs are a product of otherworldly designs.

A spoiled land, polluted with the lifeless dirt from Ingu'lumin's failed experiment. In another millennia, the Rukhs may sustain a sprout.

- Dalak-Ramal, Nature Protectorate of Clans, excerpt from a speech at the Glade Summit - "Dead Soil"

Rukhs was made a desert wasteland in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). It was the result of Ingu'lumin's First Rift and the artificial volcano that emerged from it. From the other side of this rift, in the endless expanse of Chaos, a nameless mountain, later to be named Gunul-Birum emerged in entropic fury, spewing ash and fiery entropic matter that seemed to burn forever. Polluted by otherworldly things, the area around was defiled, its nature energy drained away.

During the time of the Tarband-Khâl, tunnels were built under this desert to Zurukthûr's rim. Roads were carved into this great hole, down to hardened lava fields hiding gemstones and ores.

Stuff of alien contamination, the dirt of this area is a reddish black; useful as a component for making items dealing in defiling magic. Quite rare and hard to find, the desert also has hunks of ore called Vumort; useful for imbuing magical items with the properties of Chaos.

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