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Sondicar is an unnaturally formed lake of Morteban. It was created in the Demon Spawn War when a rift was created in lake Nírië. This caused water to be sucked through one rift, the Nírië Whirlpool, and then exited through another in the central valley of the Isterien mountains. At the time, this valley was being used as a base by forces under the demon lord Demogorgon. They had made the place so difficult to attack, that Avandra and Arcana worked together to open a rift and flood the valley. The idea of using rifts to flood an area was nothing new, the same had been done at Radullu in the era before. These rifts are still in the area, one appearing as a whirlpool in lake Nírië and the other a channel of water shooting out of the air over lake Sondicar. The amount of water coming through this rift is largely based on the water level of lake Nírië.

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