Typederived from Supernal

Tragaran is a derived from Supernal. It was originally created by Lukoon as a means of keeping his military orders secret from his foes. The primordials eventually figured out how to decode Tragaran but by that time it was so ingrained in Lukoon's soldiers that it became a language to them. Some time near the middle of the God Era, the Tragaran languages helped identify the Tragaran race from other human races. The yuan-ti, a race created from the Tragarans, also have Tragaran as their primary language.

In the lands of MidrĂȘth, Tragaran is one of the more widely spoken languages. This is largely because Tragaran populations are spread along both the north and south coasts of the Sea of Mourning and the Pearl Sea. These seas border some of the largest population centers of the super region Midreth.