yuan-ti ruins of Saknussem
RegionHells Womb, Lands of Purity
MapSaknussem Jungle

Saknussem is a vast jungle along the southwestern coasts of Hells Womb and eastern Lands of Purity. This jungle is in a temperate latitude, but because of the Temporal Zephyr is as hot, wet, and muggy as any found in Ma'Ohari. In earlier times, this jungle reached as far north as the Gelugon Range. Population and industry has taken its toll on the jungle, reducing its size by more than 30%. As a result of this ecological carelessness, the Council of Bile has a poor standing with Springflower (Nature Protectorate of Hells Womb).

In the Lith-Crillion Era and the Horgon Era, Saknussem had a sizable yuan-ti civilization. Today, the jungle is littered with their ruins. These places have towering ziggurats and vast underground labyrinths. The largest of the ruins is Baziranâth. At this ruin are carvings of the sky aflame and burning rocks falling from the sky. This is generally believed to be a depiction of the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm. Today, there are still a considerable number of yuan-ti dwelling in the jungle, but nothing compared to the height of civilization they once had in this area.

Notable Areas