RegionElrohir Mithrandír
Wood Elf50%
Stone Giant1%
EnemiesZeluk, Altocumuli

Nechi is sited in the Cabaranda vale. Their territory is at the crossroads of three empires - Zeluk, Altocumuli, and the Ancalimë. Before the establishment of Nechi, the valley Cabaranda was often a battlefield for these empires. When not at war, the people of these empires projected their colonies into the valley in hopes of creating a buffer zone and to establish early warning outposts. During long periods of relative peace, many towns and villages were established in the area.

The Nechi nation was founded when the often-raided frontier towns and villages of these empires banned together to stop the plundering and protect their interests.

Nechi is comprised of the peoples of all these empires - Ancalimë wood elves, Altocumuli orcs and stone giants, and Zeluk hobgoblins. The people of Nechi are mostly chaotic libertarians. This mindset naturally gives rise to corruption and graft. The borders of the Nechi republic are fluid with scant policing of the coming and going of creatures.

The Nechi have strong patrols of rangers, hounds, and fey creatures, which guard the lands from raiders or attacks by their enemies to the north, the Altocumuli, and their evil neighbors to the south, the Zeluk. Sometimes, they carry out punitive raids against the Cúthalion when it is found that the elves are creating instability in Nechi lands.

Nechi laws offer citizenship and protection to most creatures that enter their lands. Their neighbors claim these laws to be a means of increasing the population and ultimately the military might of the Nechi nation. On the other hand, the Cúthalion believe that the intent to create a large population results in a greater tax base and productive capacity of the Nechi.

  • Feldchum