Typedjinn, air geniekind

The Nitthirân are djinn that escaped to Bal-Kriav during the Lith-Crillion Era. Those of this world are descendants of slaves that once toiled under efreet overlords of the wondrous City of Brass. The Nitthirân's escape was made possible by some Higher Power; even they do not know the name of their savior. As part of this freedom, they lost their ability to travel the systems, becoming trapped on their new home world. Successive generations of them, born on a mortal world, became mortals, and are now impervious to the magic that summons their kind. Like most djinn, Nitthirâns are generally chaotic good.

On Bal-Kriav, Nitthirân are concentrated in the scorching deserts of Gludragh. They opened trade with others after the Khazarkar Empire moved to the Cinazan Region. In the Kiihus Vaaril War, the Nitthirân allied with the Khazarkars. After this conflict, some stayed on with their former employers where a few rose high in the Pharzîmrâth government.

Across Gludragh are enormous citadels floating over the wastelands below. Buoyed aloft on earth motes, they are given flight by a combination of air motes and magic.

Racial Traits
Primal Bred born on the mortal world Bal-Kriav, the Nitthirân are no longer treated as outsiders
Gludragh Taint those born and raised in Gludragh take on a magical trait that makes them a fire subtype. This trait is a product of being near the Cube of Arcane. As a fire subtype, they have fire immunity, but suffer double damage from cold except on a successful save.
Racial as djinni
Common Homelands