U g i d r e t h Zayr

ruins of Ugidreth
RegionHells Womb
Founded13 Temporal 1016

During the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), people fleeing Gulimbor came to this area and established Hells Womb's first Tragaran settlement. The location was a good one, because of the deep sea harbor and protection and resources afforded by the surrounding hills and lake. The settlement was called Zayr, capital of the newly founded Kal-Oni Empire.

When the Kal-Oni empire fell, the city was abandoned due to the numerous undead haunting the hills and coming up from the city's sewers. Disease, spread by cults like Sanagar-Umlâs, also served to drive the people to safer areas like Paradomea City and Bathor.

In the 1380s, a Kal-Oni fortress-palace was rebuilt by a sect of Hades worshipers called the Dead Guard. They named this place Gravestone Gates for the vast graveyards surrounding the ruins of Zayr. Most of the dead from nearby villages, towns and cities (Bathor, Paradomea City) were interned in these graveyards because of the desire of many to be buried with their ancestors and because of the protection offered by the priests of Hades which guaranteed that once in the ground they would stay there. Gravestone Gates became the heart of Hades worship. The fortress was built with Styx Granite. This eerie stone, tainted from exposure to the waters of the Styx, give the place a gloomy other-worldly appearance.

In the Grim Harvest Crusade (1462 - 1464), Gravestone Gates fell to a goblin army led by Black Banner. Thereafter, it became the spawning ground for the evil of Thasmudyan. All the dead of the graveyards were used to build a massive undead army or their bones used to decorate the walls of a new city that rose from the ruins of Zayr. In honor to Caliguworm, they named it Ugidreth, the name of his skeletal cat familiar. In the great war to come, Ugidreth served as the heart of operations for the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

In the Year 1554, the city was again destroyed in the Artery War (1546 - 1554).

The evil acts committed during the reign of the Black Tide were such that the ruins of Ugidreth are now unhallow ground.

Ugidreth is tainted with the deaths of thousands and the raising of undead legions a hundred times that number. Walking into the ruins can cause psychological trauma, and risks possession by vile spirits. Your flesh may become unnaturally cold and and your possessions will take on a foul decaying odor.

- Gota-Sat, agent of Tearberon - "Ugidreth Environs"

The central citadel of the ruins is called Thasmudyan's Cage. It sits in a dead magic zone that came about during the Battle of the Pyramid; one of the battles of the Artery War.

Ugidreth is chilling and windy place. South of the haunted ruins is the Pyramid of Merioss. On the northern edge of the ruins is Rancor Summit. There are two old roads that lead from the ruins. The Brashiin Road heads west towards Paradomea City. The eastern road is the Kamoni High Road, it cuts through the jungles of Kamoni and then enters the passes of the Dragon Wall.

In 1771, Tearberon agents went to these ruins and found a trove of secret Black Tide records. These documents pertained to double-dealings by the Black Tide during the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504).

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