Dragon Wall Lok Kreniik

Dragonwall, looking into Lirgaza
RegionAerie of Dragons, Hells Womb
AliasLok Kreniik
MapDragon Wall Highlands

Dragon Wall is a mountain range that holds some of the loftiest peaks of Brucrumus. The tallest peak is Tiamats Perch with an elevation of 60,000'. The Dragon Wall begins near the Sea of Mourning, then north to the Sands of Hell where at Vrak-Tror, the mountains hook east into the Aerie of Dragons. The mountains then run east to west along the Sands of Hell, ending at the colossal timbers of Maar Gosvah.

The Zeymah'kein called the mountains Lok Kreniik, which is Draconic for Skybreakers. This name fell out of favor when the Tragarans began arriving from the Great Exodus (998 - 1017). They saw the mountains as the only thing keeping the dragon-bloods from enslaving them and bringing ruin upon their settlements, so they called them the Dragon Wall.

The Dragon Wall is the abode of many humanoid and giant races. Some of these operate as bands or brigands or small organizations. In times of war, both the Tormoran Federation and Ag Envok recruit mercenaries from these highlands. The mountains are also home to dragon-bloods that have chosen not to be part of the politics of the realm below or perhaps they are running from some crime. The Dragon Wall is home to many stone and cloud giants. In the lower elevations are hill giants, ogres, gnolls, orcs, and goblins. The vast mountain range also has the usual winged monsters like dragons, chimera, wyverns, manticore, griffons, and giant eagles.

During the Horgon Era, the northern reaches of the Dragon Wall were controlled by a very large and powerful fire giant kingdom called Talothand. The ruins of this fallen kingdom are home to all manner of humanoids and monsters. There are a few passes that lead into the Aerie of Dragons by way of the Dragon Wall. As such, Hells Womb, to the west, is afforded some protection from the depredations of the denizens of this dangerous region.

The Dragon Wall mountain range is a rich source of iron and gold. Some of the largest gems have been brought up in the deep mines near Vith Niigol. In the southern tracts where the moutains descend into the Kamoni Jungle, are many expended mines. These were once mined by the Kal-Oni and before them the orcs of Tarkrath.

Notable Areas