Krent Talaav Broken Hoof

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesBroken Hoof
MapHiznaar Goz

Krent Talaav is Draconic for Broken Hoof. It was named thus because in the Hoof Front, the armies of the gods battled a demon army in this valley. Krent Talaav is dotted with the ruins of nearly two dozen great fortresses and many more smaller ones. Most of these ruins are very old, dating to the time when the armies of Orcus attempted to hold this valley from a combined assault by an army under Bahamut and several under Asmodeus. After Orcus's armies were pushed further east, Dispater went to work building a line of defenses called Viiz Bo Rei. After the Demon Spawn War, Dispater's fortifications were abandoned and fell into repair. The ruins of this fortified line are on the eastern edge of the valley where it meets with the river Viiz Bo. When the Kriistvrii of Zeymah'kein came to power, they went around the demon ruins in the valley's interior and went to rebuild parts of the Viiz Bo Rei line. Today, the valley is lightly patrolled by Ag Envok with most of their forces stationed in parts of Viiz Bo Rei. They are here to guard their eastern border with Lahvirn Piiv. Ag Envok forces here also act to destabilize their neighbor by sponsoring banditry and raiding. As a result, the valley has becomes an area of lawlessness and warring between bandit factions seeking to gain the favor of their employers. One aspect left over from the time Orcus's forces ran amok, is the valley's high leucrotta population. War journals from that period say that these beasts were used in packs numbering in the dozens; often used to cause confusion and mayhem behind enemy lines.