RegionHells Womb, Lands of Purity
MapChemosh Glacier

Chemosh is a southern flowing glacial valley that forks into Hells Womb and the Lands of Purity. These glacier tracts are flanked to the east by the peaks of the Gelugon Range and west by those of Narakthal. In parts, the glacier ice is very deep, five hundred feet. The deeper areas are a honeycomb of tunnels and chambers, home to ice mephits, ice trolls, frost giants, Thrallrir, and a host of other icy brutes.

In 1043, the opening of the rift Caina Nexus led to a bit more ice and snow feeding into the area. An icy flow, lighter than the normal glacier ice around it, bleeds into the valley hardening as it goes into a blue-black ice. Hard and durable, in frigid areas, this alien ice is used to build structures equal in strength to stone .

Chemosh is fraught with danger. In addition to the perils of coming into contact with skin-freezing ice, there are unnatural blizzards and numerous ice-dwelling brutes. The most numerous are ice mephits and ice trolls. All of the fore-bearers of these creatures were stranded in this realm with the rift's opening. For a few months it was bridge between Bal-Kriav and the world Caina. Luckily for the peoples of the region, only a few hundred creatures wandered over, and not an army of devils.

The danger posed by this area, with its rift to a world of the Hells System, led to the construction of outposts and mountain redoubts overlooking Chemosh. These are garrisoned by forces out of the Council of Bile, Malacost, and CelebriƤn. They watch for outsiders, aliens that don't belong on this world.