RegionLands of Purity

The Tániel river flows from Galathien, past Baurwen and then down the Iraktharbhun valley until emptying into the Pearl Sea. It is a wide river, ranging anywhere from one mile to five miles across with a verdant delta at both ends.

Along the southern part of the river are Turkûn settlements of Bokgruma. The northern part of the river has remained unsettled for as long anyone can be remembered. This is because of the threat posed on the western banks by dangerous plants lurking in Baurwen. The upper northeast side of the river runs along the mountain cliff walls of Arbhundûl and has long been home of unfriendly mountain giants. These giants, descendants of soldiers that served the primordials in the Creation War, have fought every power that has ever sought to stake a claim to the riverside cliffs.

The river is slow-moving and nearly a half-mile wide when it reaches Pixit. The danger of pirating is more common in the southern portion of the river.

Notable Areas
  • Bazur-Bazdu