Forbidden Sea

Climatearctic - temperate

The Forbidden Sea is sited at the triangle of three continents, Brucrumus, Amachan, and Denerra. Sailors named the place after experiencing rogue waves reaching heights of more than 150', dead calm weather that would change with little or no notice to squalls, unpredictable currents, energy storms, and blizzards so chilling that riggings and masts would snap under powerful gales. These weird dangers led to the name Forbidden Sea. The anomalies of the sea are thought to be the result of a super-colossal structure, resting amid the churning sea, and radiating powerful magical energy - a marvel called the Cube of Arcane.

The lands bordering the Forbidden Sea are remote and largely unexplored regions of the realm. Habitation of the coasts have proven short-lived with unnatural storms, tidal waves, and magical shock waves destroying life and dwellings.