Titans Foot Bath

RegionDechôz, Pipe Home, Weretopia

Titans Foot Bath becomes a shallow ocean at high tide. Ebbing with the tidal forces, over such a vast area, currents here can be strong and erratic. For several hours up to low tide, the area becomes very dangerous. The area's native water elementals, sensing the change to come, become hostile, angered that the ocean will soon turn to sand. Most of these elementals leave with the water into the Salzârrâk Sea. Others, or aquatics too slow, enter the deep lakes left behind, or left high and dry. The deep lakes of the area, visible at low tide, are deep salt water cavities. Like sea trenches, they plunge into the subterranean reaches below, joining with light-less waters of the sea below.

At low tide, the water gone except for its deep lakes, the area become a land bridge to the region of Pipe Home.