Class20th thief / 10th assassin
RaceDrow (Vampire)
TitleMaster of Pargerax
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born17 Bloom 152
Undead3 Witchrite 403

In the First Epoch, spanning the period 340 to 388, Yga'loth was the guild master of one of Eclavfryn's thieves guilds. After having a falling out of with a leading drow house he was imprisoned on trumped charges and put to work in the diamond mines of Pargerax. Fifteen years later, he was still digging for precious stones and during this time he was approached by agent of Kezgihr. This agent, a vampire, gave him a way to quench his thirst for revenge by turning him. In return, he would have to serve Kezgihr for a millennium or see his essence crushed upon permanent death. Yga'loth was so pleased with his might and the boons garnered by being a vampire, like greatly improved thieving abilities, that he has continued to serve Kezgihr even after the thousand year agreement expired.

Yga'loth is the Master of Pargerax. He has ruled over this honeycombed column for nearly fifteen hundred years. After driving out the Eclavfryn, he picked up where they left off, using his vampire minions and slave "feedstock" to mine Pargerax for diamonds, rubies, and other precious gemstones. These gemstones are the extent of their trade, with anything else they need they take by force or by hiring out pirates.

Yga'loth heads the cult Maryn Golnix, a Blood Cult of Kezgihr.