Typepoisons - contact
Agonizer is a painful poisoning causing muscle spasms and loss of motor control.
Asoron Husk
Asoron Husk is a natural poison. The juices must be extracted when Asoron Husk is blooming. The plant is only found in the bogs of Viidost Eyzan. It is a powerful hallucinogen-confusion contact poison. A failed saving throw results in confusion for 2-8 turns, and a 10% chance of the loss of 1 intelligence point. A successful save results in mild confusion resulting in -1 on all ability checks for 1-4 rounds. The effects are cumulative for each contact, which make the poison particularly debilitating when used by multiple attackers.
Dark Kiss
This poison is created from the dust of a vampire, mixed with the negative energy tainted soil of Deaths Kindle.
Gnomic Gulash
This poison is a product of the deep gnomes. It causes sleep for 1-4 hours. This is a chemical sleep, so the creature cannot be awakened physically.
Hell Spittle
This poison is made from the sap of very old Firebrand trees. On Bal-Kriav, these trees are only found in the Anubeth Region. Hell Spittle causes the blood in the creature to burn up.
Kildar Coral
This poison is found in Kildar Coral. It is typically found in one pinkish spine of a four to six spoked coral formation. Some creatures fashion throwing stars with these weapons, hoping by chance the poisoned spine will strike a creature. Those preferring melee combat, can stab a creature with the spine, but this of course brings the chance of stabbing one self. The poisoned spine is good for only one use, if exposed to air, the poison loses its potency immediately.
Moon Bloom Flower
Death from this poison results in the victim rising as a night shade on the next full moon. In addition to the ability damage, creatures failing their save experience haunting visions of rising as a shade-like creature.
This magical poison is created from waters found only on Crested Spires. It came into use on the Bal-Kriav when Lokestant came to power. The poison is effective only against creatures native to Granitoid. Sludge causes the earthen creature to liquefy. Naturally, this magical poison affects earth elementals , even though they are normally immune to poisons.