Balanosas Navel

Built21 Temporal 1754

Late in the Second Epoch, the Orchish Empire was laying claim to lands near Quellestir. This evergreen vale had long been the home of the Forstneblin. In 1494, against great protest of their neighbors, the High Command ordered the re-settlement of an ancient frost giant hold named Hrornskar. Low-level conflict followed for centuries. It reached its bloodiest in the Core Offensive (1749 - 1760). This war triggered the rise of a vampire society that threatened both their mortal brethren and the invaders.

Balanosas Navel is a labyrinth a thousand feet under the Quellestir Forest. It was built by desperate gnomes. Embroiled in a conflict, one they saw little hope in winning, some were legitimately convinced, others duped by vampiric charms, giving up their life energy for negative energy. Those behind this conversion effort were agents of As'lith Zybis; a Blood Cults of Kezgihr. They were following Kezgihr's doctrines of survival as vampires.

Take advantage of the situation, war, especially for those being beaten, has always been the best time to build a new chapter.

- excerpt from the book Kurthac Taloraz - "Fourth Rule of Survival"

In the beginning, Balanosas Navel was nothing more than a hideout in old lava tubes. Newly minted vampires and their Grisapho Vu'tira masters, lurked in the shadows near their former Quellestir brethren. They preyed on them when others could not be found.

Avoid conflict with your own. Feed on those that the masses don't like or look down upon.

- excerpt from the book Kurthac Taloraz - "Fifth Rule of Survival"

Balanosas Navel was named after a particularly vicious Forstneblin vampire named Balanosa. For a time she served as the leader of a Blood Cult called As'lith Zybis Wicked and brutal, Balanosa repetitively disregarded Kezgihr's Fifth Rule of Survival. Deemed feral by the Grisapho Vu'tira, she was taken back to Drachlaz where she is still imprisoned.

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