Old Khazarkar

Typederived from Jannti

Old Khazarkar was the original language of the khazarkars. It was a language specifically created for them by their Furrouth educators. It was built on Jannti - the language of the geniekind. The closeness of the two is such that someone knowing one can roughly make out what the other is saying.

Old Khazarkar was gradually replaced in the First Epoch. This came about when Khazarkar shamans began espousing and teaching what they deemed a more enlightened language. At this time in Khazarkar history, the Khazarkars were all in the Gulimbor region and largely under the leadership of shamans. These leaders taught them the language Nidurrâb. The shamans had learned it from a Lith-Crillion relic called the Agêrdul.

Two centuries later, Nidurrâb was widely spoken among the Khazarkars. Old Khazarkar had almost forgotten. Most Khazarkar families had changed their family names to one of the Nidurrâb language. Some families did not give up their past, keeping their original names. Family names like Dras'ee, Dumu-loc, and Hama-Ulmar are of Old Khazarkar. The words Terrant and Corralum, names for two groups of the Khazarkar people, are also Old Khazarkar.

Ushgergoon speaks to Rax in perfect Khazarkar, a language he hasn't heard in centuries. "The day is ours." It's an old greeting from the time before the First Epoch, when Khazarkar was not only the name of a people, but also their language. Later on, Khazarkar shamans saw fit to replace their language with Nidurrâb. Some say it was to be more like the Lith-Crillion, a supposedly superior race, while others say it was from an artifact that contained a Lith-Crillion who wanted to live forever. Darker versions of the story say that this trapped soul manipulated its user and others to speak like it did. At the time, Khazarkar shamans were thought to be just one step down from their god Set, so the people did what they said. After a couple centuries, Nidurrâb was their native language, and the old Khazarkar language was all but forgotten.

- from the Godspawn Saga