Alignmentchaotic neutral
Born21 Temporal 1783

At the age of 14, Tarorak became a pirate. He became known among the crews he served with a big story teller, embellishing as needed to draw in an audience. He loves hearing himself talk.

In 1800, then only 17, he fought in the Battle of Bloodtusk Bay. In this naval battle, he lost an eye and one of his horns battling the death ships of the Armada of the Damned. These were ships crewed by undead under the leadership of Jairall Bloodtusk.

In 1815, he was captured by Ba'lith's navy, and pressed into service.

In the Cinazan Front, he was a crew member of the Pillar of Horns. He was recruited by the Pillar's because of his ability build spirit and comradely. It’s the reason why the ship's captain recruited the old salt; a storied pirate, a former outlaw with a bounty on his head across Ba’lith’s ports and as far north as Paradomea City, and west to the pearly walls of Vraga Moltus, and east to the bone isles of Necrocrypt’s undead masters.

Even though he is part of the Ba'lith navy, Tarorak is a pirate in heart. He doesn't pay much mind to appearance, with unpressed clothes and dirty boots being the norm.

Sergeant Tarorak is the first to come down. This minotaur leads a squad of marines. Missing an eye, with one broken horn, and scarred from many battles at sea, he was a career pirate before he took the offer to serve under the emperor. He still doesn't like talking to dead things, even wonders how they can talk. His dad used to tell him stories of them moaning and making bestial sounds, but never of one that could talk. I guess that woulda took the fun out of story, he thinks. The sergeant nervously approaches his captain.

- from the Godspawn Saga