Some of the other great beasts and figures of history.

Bothortheshred dragon that formed the Thashangriel empire (c.f. Year 410)
Captain Riptidefamed elderaunt explorer and freebooter that mapped the coastal landmass of Brucrumus (c.f. Year 1075)
Corpse Tearerlegendary linnorm of Gimmetli
Fihrhirrlich scientist of the XI Institute who created the Telek Cage
Glagengraneblue dragon that terrorized the areas around Corungrall
Guilson Explorersadventurers that discovered and mapped the area of Hleittil (c.f. Year 1544)
Hazelbrowwitch general of the Witch Horde in the Buruthran War
HegmentoDragon Lord killed by Lenassu Dras'ee
Graag'vahrizis Draconic for Green Bile, she was a green dragon that formed the Lum Trumgol Mir empire (c.f. Year 581)
ModraghHead of the Court of One Hundred Eyes, former close ally of Blac'drugulois
Queen Bleeberghastformer monarch of Burterinii, her soul resides in the artifact Bleeberghast
Queen Sanglamoreformer high priestess of the Niratar Theocracy, her soul resides in the artifact Sanglamore
Queen Sarquinessformer head of the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty, her soul resides in the artifact Sarquiness
TaranornGithirmil wizard, member of the Court of One Hundred Eyes, advisor to Blac'drugulois, built the Pinnacle of Chaos
Thashangrielred dragon of the Lith-Crillion Era that dominated much of Kii Nev, the Thashangriel empire was named after this dragon
The Platinum Sixadventurers that formed the dragon cult Vodrerak (c.f. Year 431)
Wayfarersnaval explorers that discovered the Sea Tunnel (c.f. Year 1805)
Zanthrallblue ghost dragon at Dumugon