Kii Nev Ashen Wastes

Fire Archon
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasAshen Wastes
MapEnkii Jusk

Kii Nev is a vast volcanic wasteland. It is a product of its four active volcanoes and others that came before them. Kii Nev is a rugged volatile area where lava flows into cauldrons of fire and chemical laden streams hiss and smoke. In wetter parts are geysers of scalding water, hot springs, and innumerable steam and gas vents. Beyond these natural dangers are bloodthirsty firenewts, red dragons, Fyrreid, salamanders, and bands of fire giants and hell hound packs.

Kii Nev is bordered to the west by the towering peaks of Irkeldrak. The northern part of the region is controlled by the Thashangriel empire. The volcanic region south of the Laroons is territory of several petty fire giant kingdoms.

Notable Areas