Telek Cage

Telek Stalker
Typepsionic device
ForgeThe Kiln (XI Institute)

The first Telek Cage was built at the XI Institute. It was conceived from theories that a psionic researcher gleaned from Lith-Crillion data. This data consisted of scrolls and tattered books that eluded to the properties of brain fluid drawn from psionic creatures. For those with a backing in psionic lore, the Lith-Crillion were very knowledgeable when it came to weaponizing psionics and penned detailed catalogs of psionic creatures with much of this specialized knowledge coming from The Pure. One of the most well-known items they created with brain fluid is the Sakamâns Kiss. In the Second Epoch, Fihrhirr - master psionicist, researcher and tinker of XI Institute, used concentrated brain ichor from a telek stalker in the making of the first Telek Cage. This device is defensive in nature like a telek stalker, designed to wear opponents down before making a surgical kill.

A Telek Cage looks like a large bird cage. They are uniform in size and composition - all 7' tall and weighting 487 lbs. The cage's bars are made of high alloy blutium wrapped in deep crystal. These bars are mounted to a nandistike base. The device has no doors or other way to physically step inside of it. To get inside of the Telek Cage and use its powers, one must use teleportation, gaseous form, diminution or similar powers. The device can only be operated by standing inside of it, and by only one mind. If somehow two creatures find themselves in it - then it is a test of minds to determine who takes control and casts the others mind into oblivion. This is three rounds of mental combat that happens almost instantaneously with the loser's mind shunted off into a realm of madness.

Mindbender as Hostile Mind featcontinuous
Brain Freeze as Brain LockPSP
Kiln Made HP250, DR 20/+5, Hardness 15, SR10 + controller's wisdom scorecontinuous
Chronos Gaze as DecelerationPSP
Slow Kill as Energy BoltPSP
Give Distance as Dimension Door - affecting either the controller or both controller and device, as desiredPSP
Hope Abandoned as DemoralizePSP
Psi Chariot a Telek Cage's movement is by levitation - equal to the speed of the controller. Moving the cage mentally and taking an action is as if the controller is one with the cage, the same rules of movement applycontinuous
Dual Mind The user can carry out normal actions while activating one PSP power per round of the devicecontinuous
Mental Reservoir has 40 power points which are dedicated to using the device's powers, but a psionicists can use their PSPs to supplement those of the device. It regenerates 1 PSP per hourPSP