RegionAnubeth, Magrâbik

This volcanic wasteland is the northern edge of Anubeth. It is a rocky landscape dotted with smoking fissures, geysers, and steaming pools. Gimmetli is the home of bandits, fire giant marauders and the most fearsome creatures of this area - the linnorms. These creatures are descendants of those that once served as mounts and war machines for the Cinderfall. Those lucky enough to escape sought refuge in this volatile landscape. These powerful beasts are some of the more feared creautures of the border garrisons of Tamlêrran, as they are unpredicable and very cunning. Some of the greatest of them, have taken down the mightiest of Tamlêrran's mages, levelled towns, and driven armies in panic before them.

The most fearsome creature of this wild region is Corpse Tearer. This mighty wyrm has engaged in many skirmishes with units of Tamlêrran, Cinderfall, and Artaxertus. The most interesting encounter was at the Battle of Ninâth Înal.