Class14th barbarian / 8th frenzied barbarian
TitleOgre Lord
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born6 Temporal 1268
Died19 Dreamer 1303

In the 1301, Agdúm came into possession of the Hoof of Gluttony. He wielded it in the battles with the hobgoblins of Gorkith. In the third month of 1303, Agdúm began to change from his constant eating. He grew obese and distant to his duties as a leader. He became more concerned when the next meal was happening than the important duties as a war band leader comprising nine ogre tribes. Dreadfully slow in battle, caught eating fallen brethren, his lieutenants had had enough. They struck him down.

Ogre Lord Agdúm was buried with honors in one of the many barrows of Mauhúlfúr. A shaman council stated that it was the accursed weapon that brought his downfall, and that his recent dereliction of duty should be stricken from record and forgotten, and instead he should be remembered as a great warmonger and leader.

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