Dead Ancestors

Dead Ancestor - Wraith Heavy Infantry
Typeundead lore, Amachan history

In the Horgon Era, Demacian shamans used magic to entwine the essence of Shou spirits into their armor. This practice of spoiling spirits and tying them down, instead of letting them wander free, was an affront to the Shou. It gave rise to an great enmity between the two peoples that has never ended. It also led to the defilement of Gestosu and the creation of powerful undead whenever someone wearing Gestosu Chain died. Some of the undead that have risen from the bleak plains of Gestosu become Dead Ancestors. These powerful undead lords are in a never-ending war with the peoples of Shounejo and Tiya'lith.

When Thasmudyan gained traction in Tiya'lith society, he sought to have his death priests and necromancers gain control over the Dead Ancestors. This has never succeeded, making some think that they are of a product of evil even greater than the reach of Thasmudyan.

Dead Ancestors are incorporeal undead like ghosts, wraiths, groaning spirits, and spectre. They are extremely powerful and very intelligent compared to others of their kind. They often become leaders of a horde of undead that attack their foes without end. They usually end by having every one of their number, including their leader, destroyed. In the process, they have brought down city-states.

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