Military - Shounejo

Dazi Tetzezan ships-of-the-line

Dazi Tetzezan

The Dazi Tetzezan, the Dragon Armada, is the naval branch of Shounejo's armed forces. Its main concern is protecting the mercantile fleets of Zujukiz, Guetol, and those of the Kalaran interior . Most of their navy consists of fast-moving destroyers, called Shou Junks. In the Year 1810, Shounejo started the Dragon Turtle Project. This ship-building project resulted in the construction of larger and heavier ships-of-the-line to deter aggression from the growing naval power of the world's navies.

Master shipwrights of the Ivory Asylum and Giff League, the best in the realm, were employed in the Dragon Turtle Project. It is rumored that the project also entailed the enlistment of aquatic monsters for coastal protection of Shounejo's ports.

Vessels of Dazi Tetzezan periodically harasses the pirate fleet of Ag Staaz. This Thashangriel city has long protected pirates and been problematic to Shounejo commercial interests. In more recent times, the Dazi Tetzezan has suffered heavily from the Cyclops Harbor Cannons that now protect Ag Staaz. In addition, dragons of Thashangriel have begun to participate in attacking any Shou ships that come near the city.

The Dazi Tetzezan has its headquarters at Guetol.