Tins of Sinarag

LocationMidrêth, very rare elsewhere

Tins of Sinarag were sacred weapons among the Graagvrii of Sinarag. They were used by tribal leaders and a few shamans as badges of station and as weapons. When the naga Ning'izzi came into power at Agdúrn, she sent her spies out to track down who had them. She then followed this up with either assassinations or theft. Once these "badges of office" were taken, the tribe usually blamed the leader for its loss (if not murdered) and then suffered a decline in fighting spirit. After this set in, Ning'izzi's forces moved against the tribe, seeking to bring them under her control. These tribes formed the based of a growing group of people under a cunning leader that was the founder of the Ningizzida empire.

Over the eight centuries since they were taken, all of the Tins of Sinarag have been lost in internal fighting, stolen, or sold off. There are perhaps a dozen of them still around. Each is a cold-wrought iron trident stained from purple and green dyes that come out of Sinarag. They vary in enchantment with none higher than +3. The process for making these weapons has never been found.

Badge of Office+10 Diplomacy when dealing with lizardfolk of the Troll Bogscontinuous
Serpent Bitethe trident can hold up to 10 vials of poison, with one dose automatically coming out with each hitcontinuous
Sinarag Bornpoison resistance 10 or +5 on saves if its a poison effect that does not reduce hit pointscontinuous