Typetype 2 long gun
Cost300 GP

Most hand-held gunpowder weapons have bonuses to-hit. This is attributed to the muzzle velocity of these types of ranged weapons. Compared to mastering the bow, becoming proficient in gunpowder weapons is far less time consuming. As such, armies with access to them and the money, will have a high number of musketeers as compared to bowmen. Muskets are typically affixed with a bayonet, which is equivalent to a short sword for thrusting attack purposes or dagger if making a slicing attack.

Muskets are black powder ranged weapons that are loud and produce a lot of smoke when fired. Most muskets in use today are type 2 long guns that score 1-12 hit points of damage and score additional d12 of damage when a "11" or "12" is rolled. Muskets have a +1 to-hit.

There are some type 1 long guns around. These first generation muskets are considered obsolete. They have a propensity to explode and score less damage (d10 with no to-hit bonus).