Groa Torveig

Groa Torveig - Sapthûn


Groa Torveig is a great lava lake near the heart of the Anubeth Region. It is fed by a number of volcanoes that continuously spew rivulets and rivers of lava into it. It is also fed by lava and other matter spewed from many unstable, and often short-lived rifts to Muspelheim. These are sited randomly about the area, some open over the lake, making them look like lava waterfalls or an invisible being dumping smoldering rocks from out of nowhere. The others are in the lava or on the islands of hardening rock. All of these rifts are an indirect effect of the magic coming off the Pumice Throne. The rifts in the lava can be differentiated by them appearing as flaming towers of liquid rock, or extremely hot pockets of lava that glow blue. The rifts are not that large, yet big enough for mephits and other small fiery creatures.

Beyond the dangers of intense heat and thick smoke are thousands of mephits, and hundreds of salamanders and fire elementals. Some are under the control of the area's fire giants and Furrouth, the rest potential recruits, pressed into service as soldiers of Cinderfall. The quick and cunning may for a time elude service, but all play some role in the machinations of those fighting in the Thrones War. To cross the vast expanse of this fiery sea, giants and other fiery brutes take massive lava stone barges. These barges require a powerful guard, as fire drakes and other ill-tempered beasts of the area prey on anything weaker than themselves.