Yeenoghus Spittoon

RegionNorthern Hordelands

In the First Epoch, gnolls were attracted to this area. They came like others, preying upon the riches moving about in the deeps below. They attacked the merchant traffic moving to and from Gaereaus and sometimes even brazenly attacked the confederation's major holdings. The gnolls built Kugirmuk on the slopes of a great sinkhole, then used ropes, and later paths and roads to reach the shores of the Heliotrope Sea where they raided and plundered.

The gnolls of Skycius and Zyrath were for a long time, an ignorant people, bestial in their ways. Those that came this great sinkhole didn't even know that Yeenoghus Spittoon was the work of a demon lord they worshiped. This demon lord, Yeenoghu, preferred to keep it that way. He was embarrassed as to what happened here, an entire army crushed by an undermining effort against Achamâz. This was during the Demon Spawn War, when the holy mount was a bastion of good, a place of healing for the Covenant. The gnoll raiders that came to this sinkhole showed disdain their disdain for it, naming it Yeenoghu Spittle. It is said Yeenoghu howled in delight when his Great Hound, his highest priest of the Northern Hordelands named it. Yeenoghu knew then, that the loss of an entire army, was not such a bad thing. Back on Bal-Kriav, the sinkhole's naming was not so much to honor Yeenoghu but a disdain for the treacherous sinkhole and the Earthen creatures they encountered in the deeps.

- unknown

When the newly founded Divine Empire (1829) took over the land above this sinkhole, they tried to name it Râthur-Tûn. This was to honor a renown healer of the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), one that looked beyond good and evil, healing friend and foe. Malacost objected on the grounds that the Divine Empire was pulling a page from the Khazarkar Empire, erasing culture. The Witch Horde refused to recognize the name, keeping the old on their maps. Lastly, and most importantly, the masters of records in Paradomea ignored the request for putting it on Paradomea's maps. When the subject was dropped, across Garormuk and into the wilds, the gnolls celebrated with wanton debauchery, holding triple the number of arena and pit fights, and raiding.

Yeenoghus Spittoon is 1700' deep. North of this bottom are the purple waters of a dark sea and south a citadel of the Divine Empire. Named Phure-Zil after an Athenian crusader of the Black Tide War, this holding oversees traffic and goods moving to and from the city-states of the Gaereaus Confederation.