RegionGreat Expanse

In the Creation War, forces under the primordial lord Hettar were at work in this area. They mined the hills and the valley floor, creating hundreds of mining shafts and dozens of mining pits. They brought up so much gold that it covered all of Hettar's costs of fighting the war. After Hettar was defeated by Bahamut, his forces were in turn defeated and driven into the sea. By the time of Hettar's death, all of the easy gold veins were expended. Over time, embankments and measures to keep water out of the mining pits failed, resulting in small lakes and ponds. These areas are collectively called Hettars Spittoons. Most of the forces that drove out Hettar's armies from the Great Expanse were mortal halfling armies led by the archangel Avandra. They occupied the lands of Hettar. The Demon Spawn War, followed on the heels of the Creation War. The halflings of the area were called upon again to aid in the fight against the demon invasion of Bal-Kriav. Radveig and the other valleys of the Seven Vales became bulwarks against the demon hordes of Demogorgon.

Today, halfling towns and villages dot the hills and lowlands of Radveig. They still undertake mining, but not so much for the now hard to get gold, but iron and copper which the primordials didn't seem interested in.

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