Typetwo-handed hammer, unique

Piledriver is a two-handed hammer constructed with the haft of a magical Thorhammer. It was part of the loot taken from an angelic hero that had fallen in some far-flung battle of the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE). A demon forge master took this haft and connected it to a block of Abyssrock.

When Aperoq was on Bal-Kriav, ruling over Varelay, he was gifted this weapon by one of his succubus concubines. He often carried it around using its "Piled Drive" power on hapless minions simply out of amusement. Just before he left for the Abyss, the weapon was stolen. In the Horgon Era, the Night Vigil lay claim to it. They sanctified the weapon, thereby removing all its demon impurities less the baleful energy from its head of abyssrock. The natural properties of this rock could not be removed without causing them to go inert and destroying the weapon's magic.

Piledriver is a +4 lawful thundering weapon.

AbyssrockAgainst those not chaotic evil, the weapon inflicts 1-4hps +1hp per level of the creature touched (Fortitude DC16 to resist all damage)continuous
Pile Drivestruck foe must make a save versus their softest saving throw versus a DC25 or suffer the effects of a Sink spell3/day
Sanctifiedas Lawful special abilitycontinuous
Spinecrackeras Thundering special abilitycontinuous