The Heg-Taug islands (of Sighast) have been home to Shou pirates since the Second Epoch. Many of these pirates are descendants of five families that were banished from Shounejo in 1151. At the time, the Shou Empire was young and lacked the navy to back up any claim to the islands, so the exiles settled among the islands of Heg-Taug. These exiles did not remain idle, some turned to pirating for income and some looking to settle scores with those that kicked them out. They have kept up such activities locally (with the Shounejo) and going as far as the eastern coasts of the Aerie of Dragons; there free-booting only curbed with sufficient tribute. The pirates of Heg-Taug are a bane in the side of the Shou and Khazarkar empires, yet in times of war they are eager to employ them as privateers and mercenary marines.